Seeing an uptick in Lex Start Conversation Runtime Throttled Events


Seeing an uptick in Lex Start Conversation Runtime Throttled Events. We have Voice Lex Bots integrated with AWS Connect. Which Service Quota needs to be increased to address this? Do not see any quota for StartConversation in the Service Quotas for AWS Lex.

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I believe the service quota that needs to be increased in your case is "Maximum number of concurrent voice-mode conversations for StartConversation for other aliases" whose default value is 200 for AWS Lex V2 [1]. This limit cannot be increased using self-service, i.e., you will need to contact AWS Support, who will then reach out to the Lex service team on your behalf in order to get this quota increased for your account. Please open a case with AWS Support for the same and provide the following details in the case correspondence:  

  1. AWS Account ID and region
  2. Bot name along with BotID
  3. Bot alias along with BotAliasID
  4. Bot locale
  5. New limit
  6. Use-case   Thank you. 

References: [1] Quotas - Runtime quotas -

answered 9 months ago

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