Provisioned volume to S3 bucket/Local computer


Hi, I have a data volume(non-root) attached to an instance. I want entire provisioned volume in my S3 bucket/Local computer . I am aware of the sync command in CLI but that only gives me data objects present in volume.

Kindly share if I can try some way.

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  1. Mount a 2nd volume of larger size
  2. Unmount but do not detach the original volume
  3. Use the 'dd' command to read the /dev/sdX (where X is whichever letter that drive is assigned as) out to a file on the new drive
  4. Copy that file to S3 / local machine
  5. Once on your local machine, you can mount that file using the loopback mechanism as a drive. goes in to it in some more detail. However I'm not sure why you would want to do this absent exotic scenarios.
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answered a year ago
  • Hey @jhmartin, Actually the scenario is about migrating the entire data-volume to a KVM hypervisor(Openstack). I want that volume to be exported there. We can use export/import function in AWS for instances with one volume(root) but not the secondary volumes. This is the main concern.

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