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Hi guys! I have a question about the DNS and Route 53. For example, my company has a public website named I would like to use Route 53 as my company DNS registrar and save my domain as a record in Route 53. My question is how my user in the world can resolve my domain. I know that most of users use Google DNS as their DNS server. Does Google DNS connect to Route 53 to resolve my DNS query or users have to enter Amazon Route 53 DNS server to resolve my domain. Lastly, how different between using my own public DNS server in my network and using Route 53. I mean the workflow If you know the workflow for all of my situation, please kindly share with me.

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Hi Steven,

This link has the detail steps explaining how to make Route53 as your domain's registrar and all the steps involved in it.

If you make Route53 as the Authoritative DNS for your domain a typical flow would look like below, this is just an example:

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