window python, my instance ID i.0d32ae767dc24138f


Dear Sir/Madam:

My above instance ID was deleted due to delayed payment. The delayed payment was out of my control because my visa card ending with no 8841 stopped working. I had to use my other visa card ending no.8321 for payment, which was successful on June,4th 2023 to pay 10.75$.

Is there any way that I can retrieve my instance ID information because it was not saved on my personal files?

I really appreciate your kind help

Thanks a lot


Mohannad Azeeze Joodi

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Hi Mohannad!

Sorry to say but there is no way to recover terminated instances, unless

  • you saved a snapshot earlier.
  • had separate root volume assigned, and it was termination protected.
  • for had a copy of code running inside ec2 at your local system or in any repo.

possibility of, what you can do is

  • review cloud trails, you may find some little clues.
  • review cloud watch logs of that instance, . using these you can refresh ur memory what could have you changed in that time. and try recreate scenario again asap, cuz there is no point in wait for some solution to occur.

hope this helps

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answered a year ago

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