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/AWS EKS - CloudFormation Script fails (just the documented tutorial with no changes)/

AWS EKS - CloudFormation Script fails (just the documented tutorial with no changes)



  1. I have successfully deployed EKS via AWS Cloudformation template in the past (about an year ago).
  2. Now when I am trying to deploy EKS via AWS Cloudformation its failing.
  3. The error message is NOT clear enough for me to go and fix the reason of the crash, any tips on how to go about this error message?

Documentation and Steps Used

  1. Page:
  2. Deploy using AWS CloudFormation with new VPC

Error Message

Stack nameStatus

Amazon EKS (ROLLBACK_COMPLETE) has the following events that Failed

  • AutoDetectSharedResources > CREATE_FAILED with log Embedded stack arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-2:SOME_ID : stack/Amazon-EKS-AutoDetectSharedResources-SOME_UUID was not successfully created: The following resource(s) failed to create: PreReqs .
  • Amazon-EKS > ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS with log The following resource(s) failed to create: AutoDetectSharedResources. Rollback requested by user.

One more log seems to be important (BUT the Cloudformation Script is from AWS so I doubt it might be a root cause)

RegisterHelmType  CREATE_FAILED
CloudFormation did not receive a response from your Custom Resource. Please check your logs for requestId [SOME_UUID]. If you are using the Python cfn-response module, you may need to update your Lambda function code so that CloudFormation can attach the updated version.
1 Answers

To detect issue properly it would help to avoid rolling back. You can try that using aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name myteststack --template-body file://DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET.json -–disable-rollback

answered 2 months ago

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