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How to setup a secure Back Up policy using S3 bucket to store Wordpress data (wp-content/) to glacier or something similar.


I'm moving a set of 10 domains from a single EC2 with Plesk (a) to single EC2 instances with the WordPress AMI installed (b). Those sites are 25/40GB each.

To avoid creating huge EBS drives for each instance I'm going to offload the wp-content/ folder straight to S3.

How could run a safe S3 Lifecycle policy to store all the data in a safe place? (maybe Glacier) like incremental 6 days a week and 1 complete snapshot the 7th day, plus 1 full snapshot each week for a month. Is it a safe idea or does not make any sense?

The idea behind is to reduce storages costs of my first configuration (a). Any feedback or suggestion is more than welcome.

thank you

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Hi There

You can also consider using a managed filesystem like Amazon EFS to store the data instead of S3 or EBS. Take a look at the WordPress on AWS Reference Architecture

To answer your question, you can use AWS Backup to create backups of your S3 bucket and a lifecycle policy to transition objects to other storage classes like Glacier. See

With AWS Backup, you can create the following types of backups of your S3 buckets, including object data, tags, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and user-defined metadata:

    Continuous backups, allowing you to restore to any point in time within the last 35 days. Continuous backups for an S3 bucket should only be configured in one backup plan.

    See Point-in-Time Recovery for a list of supported services and instructions on how to use AWS Backup to take continuous backups.

    Periodic backups, which allow you to retain data for your specified duration, including indefinitely. You can schedule periodic backups in frequencies such as 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. AWS Backup takes periodic backups during the backup window you define in your backup plan.

    See Creating a backup plan to understand how AWS Backup applies your backup plan to your resources.

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answered 21 days ago
  • Thank you for your answer and suggestion. I was aware of the guidelines but I didn't know about the EFS. Now it seems pretty clear to me. Thank you.

    ps, the architecture shows a single domain that grows in terms of resources/instances according to user requests/load/region. I will adapt this to a single EC2 per domain behind a single LB, I hope it will work fine.

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