RDS upgrade from PG 12.7 to 13.3 fails due to missing libraries


I started from a PG 11.2 database. I was able to first upgrade PostGis, then the upgrade the database to 12.7
I then upgrade postgis extensions (to 3.0.3new).

However, The upgrade to Postgres 13.3 failed with this error message:

Your installation references loadable libraries that are missing from the new installation. You can add these libraries to the new installation,
or remove the functions using them from the old installation. A list of problem libraries is in the file:

How can I workaround this? There is only schema with Postgis enabled, and I did upgrade postgis before trying to upgrade the server.

I really don't want to have 8 hours of downtime to restore this 350 GB database into PG13.

  • Stan
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1 Answer

I talked with someone at AWS. The postgis upgrade from 12.5 to 13.3 requires TWO steps. Summary is below:

-- Sequence on PG 12.x
-- primary upgrade of postgis
SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade();
-- Reboot instance!

-- now Some parts of postgis are not yet upgraded!
-- confirm by checking this result still has "2.5"
select probin from pg_proc where proname = 'postgis_raster_lib_version';

-- Do the upgrade again
SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade();
-- result of this query should be "raster-3"
select probin from pg_proc where proname = 'postgis_raster_lib_version';

-- Now the to upgrade to postgres 13 worked

answered a year ago

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