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Polly for Windows Plugin Fails on Some Voices


I installed the Amazon Polly for Windows Plugin ( and I'm now using the Polly Player to test voices. Several of the voices produce errors. Olivia, for example, errors on both neural and standard voices. My end goal is to use the voices in Adobe Captivate. I'm seeing the exact same error messages in Captivate, so I stepped backwards to try Polly Player.

Both voices show in the Windows Registry.

Any thoughts on how to get these (and other broken voices, like some of the Lupe variations) to work?

asked 2 months ago26 views
1 Answers

More information: I uninstalled everything, and double-checked the registry to be sure the tokens were removed, and re-installed. Same result.

SOME voices work flawlessly -- Joanna and Matthew, for example. But others generate the errors shown above. I could really use help with this, especially where Lupe is concerned. My company produces a lot of Spanish content, and we'd really benefit from having Lupe work. Since she's the only US Spanish neural voice, she's necessary to our workflow.

answered 21 days ago

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