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Hi everyone, I have a customer who is looking for moving from a Partner to AWS directly, thier consume is around $20K and they want to continue with the consume without a Support Plan; it's that ok?

Can they working without a Plan?

Thanks in advance,

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Support is not required, but recommended for customers running production workloads.

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answered a year ago

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for this great question. There is no obligation to pay for a support plan, so short answer is that they could do so.

Now, if you are asking me - if this is an AWS account where client is running its production workload, I would say this is a bad idea to go forward without a support plan. Please note that for outstanding issue, you should have active support plan on the account where the malfunction happens in order to request AWS to assist you (you cannot raise a technical support ticket from another AWS account for resources in your current account). This needs to be clearly communicated to client and take his written confirmation that they acknowledge and accept the risk of not having a support plan.

You can find more information about the plans here

And also this guide how to change your support plan.

Regards, Totti

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answered a year ago

If they don't purchase premium support, they can still open a support case, but only to Customer Service. They can only get help with account & billing related queries on Basic support plan (not paying for it). They won't be able to get any technical support though (they need to have at least Developer plan for that). But as previous responders mentioned, it's highly recommended to have premium support if they plan to run production workloads on AWS (for their own benefit).

In terms of the cost, if you are saying that their monthly spend would be around $20k - they would pay for Developer Support approx. $600 per month (it depends on their monthly total AWS bill which may vary from month to month), or for Business Support plan approx. $1700 per month (also variable, depending on their monthly usage). Customers get a whole lot of support-related benefits starting from Business Support (including access to tools with whole range of checks like Trusted Advisor), so I would highly recommend checking out info about those on this page

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answered a year ago

As mentioned above, the considerations are key.

  1. Are they running production workloads on the cloud?
  2. If yes, how long can they wait in the event there is an incident? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours? These will determine the level of support is needed.
  3. Are there also multiple accounts that require support or just one account (note that business support and developer support plans are account specific and any higher it is by organization specific).
  4. How much has the customer been reliant on the partner for technical support (how many tickets raised in the past) or have they been covering all technical aspects all these while.

These are quite key inputs in order to determine the best support plan for your customer.

answered 10 months ago

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