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I recently encountered an issue with my website hosted on an AWS S3 bucket and registered with Cloudflare DNS. For several months, the website worked fine, but now I'm receiving an Error 522. I have already configured the S3 bucket to allow public access, and the website is accessible when accessed directly through the S3 bucket URL. However, when using the domain registered in Cloudflare as a CNAME, I'm getting the Error 522. Can you please help me resolve this issue?

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According to CloudFlare's website this happens when Cloudflare times out contacting the origin web server, which in your case here would be the S3 service.

S3 is HTTP by default, could you confirm that CloudFlare is respecting this and is not trying to redirect to HTTPS like happened to this user?

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answered a year ago

Did you have configure a Cloudflare Page Rule or Origin Rule to modify the HTTP Host header (towards S3) ? That's probably needed unless your bucket names matches the hostname used on Cloudflare.

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