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I realise that LightSail is an entry level provision that enables people like me who sadly don't know near enough to tap into what is pretty amazing tech. However, it's very frustrating that things that should work just as a result of a few clicks definitely DO NOT. Furthermore, most of the documentation is outdated or lack sufficient detail. Does AWS really want to charge $18 per month for something this buggy / filling up countless forums with people expressing their difficulties and frustrations??

For over a day now (8+ hours) I have tried in vain to set up a Load balancer connected to two Wordpress / Bitnami Instances. First the DNS related to the LB 7668[...] was clearly broken in that clicking that link returned a Safari couldn't open the page error:

Safari can’t open the page “‎7668[...]” because Safari can’t find the server “7668[...]”.

Having found out the relevant IP I was able to load the page, but still...

But it is when it comes to setting things up within the DNS zone where the trouble really begins. When assigning my domain to a Static IP address associated with one of my instances everything works fine—but obviously the load balancer is not "active"; i.e. traffic to my domain goes straight to the instance. However when assigning the domain to the LoadBalancer (with certificates, validated, etc.) the page instantly "breaks" with the error message:

"Too many redirects occurred trying to open “https://7668[...]”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page, which then is redirected to open the original page."

At this point there's zero help from within Lightsail and none of the docs (mostly outdated or overly vague) cover this. So I hit various forums, searching and the problem seems to be all over the place with countless solutions, none of which however work... I can't help thinking this problem would be very simple for someone knowledgeable to fix, but there's certainly no way within Lightsail to solve this... MEGA FRUSTRATING.

As such, after 8+ hours, I now deleted the Load balancer (not wanting to be charged for something that doesn't work) and returned to serving my website content from a single instance.

What am I missing? Why is such a no doubt simple problem for those in the know, seemingly insurmountable for the kind of audience Lightsail is aimed at? What is the solution?

Thank you :)

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Literally nobody?

answered 2 years ago

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