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RE :Lambda Memory exceeded


Hai ,

Can we increase the memory size of lambda function to required size of memory if yes how to increase that , if no how to clear memory issues for lambda function.

Please suggest me your value able info ….

Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar

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1 Answers

The memory usage for your function is determined per-invoke and can be viewed in Amazon CloudWatch, look for "Max Memory Used". You can alter/increase the memory assigned to your functions up to 10,240 MB. For more detail see:

answered a month ago
  • if my function exceeds 10,240 MB. , can we increase .. or need to do any change activities on function

  • 10,240MB is currently the limit on a function and this can't currently be increased. How and whether the function can be changed to reduce its memory demands will depend on the function and workload. Alternatively you might consider a container based solution such as Amazon ECS Fargate which allows up to 30GB.

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