How to attach EBS volume from original EC2 instance to a new EC2 instance?


currently my website is running under a t3a.small EC2 instance (Origin - N California) and the volume size is 10 GIB. Now i have launched a new EC2 t2.micro instance (Origin - Mumbai) and the volume size is 8 GIB. All i'm doing for avoiding charges as i am a free tier user and the original instance is not cover the free tier promotion. So how can i attach EBS volume from original instance to new instance without losing any data?

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If you shut the original instance down (not terminate!) then the EBS volume will no longer be attached to an instance; you can attach it to your new instance then.

However: That will give you two volumes; a "new" root volume and the original root volume attached to a different mount point/drive letter.

Note that in some circumstances it will be possible just to change the instance type and boot on the original root volume:

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answered 2 years ago

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