Why can't my service get the existent AWS CodeGuru profiling group?


Hi, I deploy a service on AWS ECS. But it keeps reporting errors

01 Jan 2024 16:29:10,598 [INFO] software.amazon.codeguruprofilerjavaagent.CodeGuruProfilerSDKClient: Profiling group not found. Will retry after 5 minutes. 


I use Enabling the agent with code to enable the agent. And my code is as follows:

private static Profiler startProfiler() {
        try {
            Profiler profiler = Profiler
            log.info("CodeGuru profiler started!");
            return profiler;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            log.error("Exception while starting CodeGuru profiler: ", e);
            return null;

Besides, I already create a profiling group named JICSAppBackendServiceProfilingGroup in US_WEST_2, and I already add permission AmazonCodeGuruProfilerAgentAccess to all the ECS related role.

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I've made a stupid mistake. There is no problem with the above work.

answered 6 months ago

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