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In AWS Batch, sometimes the job is stuck in RUNNABLE state. Under what conditions the job gets stuck? Is there a way to find out the reason job gets stuck? Also Is there a way to alert via Cloudwatch metrics and SNS?

Also is there a max time after which if job is still stuck, it means that the job will never run??

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Hi! If a Batch job is in the RUNNABLE state, it is waiting to be placed on an instance. If you believe your job is stuck in RUNNABLE, it means something is preventing Batch from placing the job. shows you the most common reasons why the Batch job may be stuck in RUNNABLE. For some of these reasons (such as EC2 limits), the logs will show an error code.

Since there are varied reasons why Batch jobs are in RUNNABLE, there's no set time that means a Batch job will fail if it can't be placed.

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