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How much does it cost to connect to private ec2 using aws ssm ?


I am trying to use ssm to access and manage ec2 in a private network.

I searched for the cost of the service, but only other services such as paramete center came out, so I couldn't measure the cost of the service I wanted to do.

How is the cost of using AWS ssm service to connect to ssm on a private network and use commands?

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To achieve this you would need to install the SSM Agent on the EC2 machine and attach an IAM Role to the instance (eg. SSMManagedInstanceCore). There is no additional cost for the agent, you will only pay for the underlying resources (eg. EC2). The instance can be managed using Session Manager and no additional charges apply. You can run command on the instance using Run Command no additional charges apply for this. If you use Systems Manager Automation to automate deployment and configuration using runbooks the pricing is based on the number of steps and duration of execution of steps. The pricing can be seen on this page -

answered 6 months ago

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