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Store csv data from s3 bucket automatically inside timestream


Hi everyone,

**i got **a s3 bucket which continuously generates csv-data, every minute or so. I now want to visualize this big-data via my grafana instance.

First **i tried **to do that with aws athena and a glue crawler. But this solution is not very suitable after every query inside my grafana instance generates high costs inside my s3 bucket for tier2 get requests.

Now the idea is to store the data inside a timestream database and use the timestream-plugin inside grafana to visualize my data.

**The question is, if anyone ever used timestream as primary database for this kind of scenario (or are Databases like InfluxDB more suitable). Also whats the easiest way to write the data automatically to my timestreamdb ? **

Greetings Wig

1 Answer

yes, you can use Timestream to store the data and use the Grafana plugins to connect to Timestream and run your reports. We also now have native integration with Athena to query Timestream data. Believe the data is time series data.

answered 3 months ago

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