Networking Error on S3 management console


I am trying to upload new files to my S3 management console, but I get an error on my bucket page that says "Networking Error
Please check internet connection and reload the page" and none of my buckets are visible.
Things I have tried:
Using another browser- This error is only showing up in Chrome, but when I switch to safari I do not get the error, but I am unable to upload any files (stays at 0% and never completes the upload).
Deleting the browser cache and restarting did not solve the problem.
Restarting the whole computer did not solve the problem.
Switched from wifi to phone hotspot and did not fix.

Also, I am able to use other services on AWS just fine- it is only my S3 buckets that are having an issue.

Anything else I can try?
Been seeing this error for a couple days now.


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1 Answer

Had the same problem but Clearing the cache and restarting the browser resolved the issue in my case.

answered 2 years ago

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