Before the amazon linux 2 kernel patch release, can I download it in advance?


I work for a S/W development company. Before the live patch of Amazon Linux 2 /2022 is released, I want to download the kernel patch in advance and verify the compatibility. How do I get support? Can I get support by subscribing to AWS support?

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Hi there!

From the notes, I understand that you would like to download the Amazon Linux 2 kernel patch in advance and also get AWS Support. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Please note that all kernel patch options are available/accessible from the Amazon Linux Extra repository. You can verify what kernel versions are offered, or which are currently available by the amazon-linux-extras repository by running the following command: sudo amazon-linux-extras |grep kernel.

AWS Support offers a range of plans that provide access to tools and expertise that support the success and operational health of your AWS solutions, this includes support for Amazon Linux 2 through subscriptions. Please check the following link [1] for the different features of AWS Support plans.

Hope you find the above information helpful.

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