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GameLift and CloudFront



I created custom service on Game Lift for my game(I use Linux instance) and all works fine, but I also want to use some assets from cloudFront(s3) and it works when I try locally on my machine(PC), but when I create my fleet with my build(linux) I got some errors:

System.Exception: Unable to load ContentCatalogData from location https://***.json on second attempt. System.Exception: Failed to load content catalog. OperationException : ChainOperation failed because dependent operation failed System.Exception: Failed to load content catalog.

UnityWebRequest result : ProtocolError : HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden ResponseCode : 403, Method : GET url : https://*********.json

Are there any additional settings so I can access the cloudfront from my instance on gamelite? Thanks in advance!

1 Answers

Hi AndjelijaIng,

A few things to try:

  1. Check if your policies are configured correctly:
  2. Try downloading from an incognito browser locally to see if you can access the file
  3. SSH/RDP to your gamelift instance:, and then try accessing cloudfront from there to see if it can produce any more helpful error messages.
answered a month ago

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