Can I get email when instance reachability check failed


My instance reachability check failed for 4 days. I did not get any notification about it. Today I found my website down and reboot the instance everything is fine. But due to the long down time, Google removed my website in search results. Can I get email notification when server down?

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You need to wire this up yourself:
Setup an Email-based subscription to an SNS topic.
Setup a CloudWatch Alarm for the metric "StatusCheckFailed"
If the value is 1, your system or instance has failed.
Set the notification to go to that sns topic.

There is a very small charge for the alarm..something like .10/month.

Good luck.

answered 3 years ago

Hello there

You need to create cloduwatch alarm and set SNS topic as alarm action. Please follow below document for detailed step

answered 3 years ago

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