Amazon recently added one Dedicated Ip to our SES .But the IP is already listed on Sorbs DUHL


Amazon recently added one dedicated IP ( to our SES, but upon further investigation, this IP was found to be listed on SORBS DUHL. I attempted to contact sorbs but was unsuccessful in delisting. Contacted Amazon, but no support pack is available. How do I remove this IP address from the list? Why does Amazon assign a listed IP address to our account?

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Hi! To relinquish the IP Address, you will need to open a new support case. This can be done via SES Console -> Configuration -> Dedicated IPs -> Request or relinquish dedicated IPs.

More information and details here:

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  • I requested that Amazon remove the IP address and replace it with a new one. Amazon assigned a new dedicated IP address, but it was still on the same subnet. SORBS's response is below. The SORBS DUHL listing is used to list dynamic IPs. Unfortunately, a dynamic IP cannot be removed from the DUHL list, since that is what the DUHL list is, a list of dynamic IPs. When the IP was listed, or why you are using the IP, has nothing to do with it. If this address is static, the regional Internet registry contact for the address (your Internet service provider) should contact us with details of their statically and dynamically assigned ranges. Further to prevent relisting the reverse DNS names should be set to indicate static assignment. Delisting is also possible by having the reverse DNS set to the same as the MX record for a domain. However, please be aware that the DNS PTR, MX and A records should have a minimum Time-to-Live of 12 hours. What identifies the IP as dynamic, are the markers in the PTR (rDNS name). For example, key strings like dhcp, pool, dyn, cable, DSL, dial, cpe, cust, RES, IP address, etc. QUESTIONS:, type = PTR, class = IN ANSWERS: -> type = PTR, class = IN, dlen = 42 name = ttl = 900 (15 mins) Name: Address: You may want to review our Dynamic IP FAQ at: "The reverse DNS PTR

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