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Any case studies out there for e.g. University website development? Github>EC2>CodeDeploy?


Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with AWS. As a means to understand the tech let's assume the following theoretical use case:

  1. University with 400,000 static files (html, images, js). Vendor hosted CMS generates the static files.
  2. University needs to host these generated statics files and implement SSO (Shibboleth SP3) on separate server eg EC2 Amazon Linux 2.
  3. Use GitHub for version control (team of 5 developers) and deploy to CodeDeploy from GitHub main branch
  4. Use Load Balancers.

....From your experience of hosting large scale informational static websites is GitHub>CodeDeploy>EC2 a suitable option or should I be studying/considering other best practice AWS services?

Starting out so any resources or direction appreciated.


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That's a super broad question covering a lot of ground (content management, website hosting, user authentication, etc.).

Can you do all of those things? Absolutely. Service such as CloudFront, S3, Cognito, API Gateway (just for starters) are where I'd go but there are many more (including some that you've mentioned).

Would I recommend the GitHub>CodeDeploy->EC2 architecture pattern? Not necessarily. Mainly because hosting static files is a great use case for CloudFront and S3 (far less expensive and far more scalable too). But there are many factors to consider here.

I'd strongly recommend reaching out to your local AWS Solutions Architect to find the best way for you to meet your requirements.

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answered 7 months ago

Ok thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated. I don't have the budget for hiring an AWS Solutions Architect I'm afraid but just trying to understand the AWS solutions for a real world project for now. A Premium Support Developer Plan $29/m offers "architecture guidance" it seems so will try that route. Having to install Shibboleth SP3 on the server would appear to make S3 not an option. The CMS also can't easily be hooked up with a CDN like CloudFront unfortunately. Vendor is planning a plugin to accommodate CDN integration. Will look into Cognito and keep researching. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and have a nice day. H

answered 7 months ago
  • You don't have to hire an AWS Solutions Architect. We (the Solutions Architect team) are a customer-facing part of the AWS team. Look us up on LinkedIn and we're happy to help.

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