adding ec2 volume to instance with powershell


I got following script to add a new volume to instanceID. However I am unsure how to get the volume ID after volume creation. Also the DeviceID what should it be?

Param (
    [string][Parameter(Mandatory) = $True] $InstanceId
    [string][Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] $driveletter,
    [int][Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] $size,
    [string][Parameter(Mandatory) = $True)] $az,
    [string][Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] $Region,
    [string][Parameter(Mandatory) = $True] $volumetype

New-ec2volume -AvailabilityZone $az -VolumeType $volumetype -size $size -Region $Region

Add-EC2Volume -InstanceId $InstanceId 

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Hi There

To get the VolumeId use

$volume = New-ec2volume -AvailabilityZone $az -VolumeType $volumetype -size $size -Region $Region

Add-EC2Volume -InstanceId $InstanceId -VolumeID = $volume.Id

For determining the DeviceId for a Windows EC2 instance, see this article:

For Linux instances, see

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answered a month ago

Thank you. Is there a write-progrss indicator i can add or new-ec2volume. I noticed I had to do a start-sleep 5 before I can add the ec2volume otherwise i cannot see the volumeid

answered a month ago

Check the below link for the script on how to create and attach EBS volume to EC2 instance

Create and attach EBS volume to already running EC2 instance with powershell

answered 22 days ago

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