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DMS(CDC) to Kafka Payload format


Hi, Currently am using DMS to capture db changes and sending them to Kafka. Am only interested in data (json values without "data" keyword included) and not metadata. I am following the user guide and specifically the below configuration but not working. Could you please assist. So am only interested in flat json payload with only the data values inserted to table. Example: { "prop1":"value1","prop2":"value2"}

{ "rules": [ { "rule-type": "selection", "rule-id": "1", "rule-name": "1", "rule-action": "include", "object-locator": { "schema-name": "BW3", "table-name": "INT_TRANSACTIONS" } }, { "rule-type": "object-mapping", "rule-id": "2", "rule-name": "DefaultMapToKafka", "rule-action": "map-record-to-record", "object-locator": { "schema-name": "BW3", "table-name": "INT_TRANSACTIONS" } } ] }

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If I understand correctly, you want only flat json file without the:

  1. data keyword
  2. metadata section

Currently, there is no available way for DMS to migrate with above requirement however, I was able to find internal feature request raised for option removing metadata. There will be no ETA for when this can be available.

Best option for right now is to clean the database as needed before ingest into the consumer.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks, By cleaning db as needed however, still the above keywords will be included in payload , which is something we dont need.

  • Hi, sorry for the typo, I mean to say clean the data from Kafka before ingesting into a consumer.

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