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Website transfer to Amazon


I have a website. With a database.
Anyone have an instruction? how to do it.

asked 2 years ago12 views
4 Answers

Export the data from your old server and download the web site, then upload it to a new instance on Lightsail.

Seriously, you haven't provided nearly enough information for people to offer any concrete advice.

What OS are you migrating from, what database, what web app?

answered 2 years ago

I don't really understand this. excuse me
At the moment I have a site hosted on SprintHost.

This is Russian hosting
I want to transfer to Amazon aws
with load sharing
I created a site on amazon wordpres according to the instructions, but I do not know how to transfer all content and database to amazon.

If you can help me ask, I will give you more information
My goal is to store media files in cloud storage and download from there.
So that there is no load on the base

answered 2 years ago

The hosting has a control panel
it's much easier for a beginner there

answered 2 years ago

Check out this link:

The instructions are pretty comprehensive.

answered 2 years ago

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