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Hi All, I have access to the dataset of around 2 years of Data. I am trying to truncate the information only specific to the weekly data from it.I have tried truncate date to take only the data specific to the last week but its not working .Let me know the calculated fields to be used in the quicksight to update the automatically each week. The data will be changing automatically in the back end

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Hi, @Shiva

I understand that you have two years of daily data and want to change it to a weekly format. Is my understanding correct?

In that case, you can change the scale of the datetime field (Daily-> Weekly-> Monthry ...) on the quick site. Is this insufficient as a function?
Please refer to the following article.


Otherwise, it can be aggregated at the time of dataset generation or even before data source creation (eg aggregate with Athena).

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answered 2 years ago
  • The data is dynamic here.I need to get only the information about individual,regions and sum of the tickets assigned to the individual of last week only.Its kind of only weekly metrics.sum of the tickets assigned to the individual is not working because its depends upon the values like regions and groups.let me know right formulas to be used in the calculated fields

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