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/why my s3 policy generator dosen't work?/

why my s3 policy generator dosen't work?


When i try to generate my s3 policy, Add statement dosen't work with messaege "Resource field is not valid. You must enter a valid ARN." even if i copied my arn by my bucket and add "/". principal is "".

Anyone can help?

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2 Answers

An answer providing a decent workaround on my post regarding the same issue:


I understand that you are having an error with creating an s3 bucket policy using the AWS policy generator. I did replicate and received the same error.

As a workaround:

I inserted a * in the ARN section and generated the policy.

I, thereafter, replaced the * with my ARN once it has been generated.

Please find the attached ARN Format documentation[1].

I hope this helps


[1] "

Thanks to Asisipho for the answer

answered 12 days ago


I understand that you are experiencing the error below when attempting to generate s3 policy: "Resource field is not valid. You must enter a valid ARN."

I replicated the issue from my end and I got the same error as yours. I believe that this is a bug from S3 regarding the feature. Therefore, I would suggest that you open a ticket with the S3 team for further assistance in this regard[1]. In the meantime, you may consider creating the policy manually, if you face any challenges I am happy to assist. Feel free to share your use case.


[1] or

I hope the information above is helpful.

answered 15 days ago

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