If we provision an EC2 windows Instance, will it includes the windows license by default? what are the licensing types available from AWS


If we provision an EC2 windows Instances, will it includes the Windows License by default. If yes, what are the licensing types available from AWS?

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Yes the windows servers with shared tenancy are included licenses by default by AWS, Information on Microsoft Licensing on AWS https://aws.amazon.com/windows/resources/licensing/


Is Windows Server eligible for BYOL on EC2?

There are three requirements for Windows Server to be eligible for BYOL on EC2:

  1. The licenses must be deployed on EC2 Dedicated Hosts.
  2. The licenses must have been purchased before 10/1/2019 (or added as a true-up under an agreement that was effective prior to 10/1/2019).
  3. The version was publicly available prior to 10/1/2019.

Software Assurance is not a requirement for Windows Server BYOL.

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