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How to enable FIPS endpoint on govcloud KMS?


Documentation here ( says 'use FIPS endpoint for your region', but I can't find any information on how to configure or enable it. I'm using this on gov cloud region. Is the FIPS endpoint just there and auto-provisioned like an alias for any service? If there is something needed in the CLI could you kindly provide the syntax?

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answered 7 months ago

Here is an example of specifying the FIPS endpoint on the CLI: . aws appstream describe-stacks --endpoint-url Associated documentation.

It is also possible to configure the SDK for FIPS endpoint usage:

To configure a FIPS endpoint set the environment variable set the AWS_USE_FIPS_ENDPOINT to true or false to enable or disable FIPS endpoint resolution.

To configure a FIPS endpoint using shared config, set use_fips_endpoint to true or false to enable or disable FIPS endpoint resolution.

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answered 7 months ago

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