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Problems with AWS Support


We have been using AWS for a year now, have received credits as a startup and everything has been great until now. The AWS org is set up as different accounts under the root/payer account. For one of the new accounts that we are setting up as a test environment, we needed to set up SNS to configure SenderId, and ContentTemplate and raise the SMS limit. The request was rejected by AWS Support for the following reason,

"Due to some limiting factors on your account at this time, you are not eligible to send SMS messages in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region. You will need to show a pattern of use of other AWS services and a consistent paid billing history to gain access to this function. We enforce these limitations on all new accounts. Your continued usage of other AWS services will give us greater flexibility to increase your spending limits in the future. Please open a new case after you have a successful billing cycle and additional use of other AWS services and we will gladly review your account."

Since we are using >10 services for a year now under different accounts, I do not understand why AWS will block us? There have not been any missed payments and there is ample credit in the account to pay. We are in internal testing and only send SMS to developers and testers.

I want to know if anyone has faced a similar situation.

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I apologize for the trouble, Sabyasachi. Our Accounts team is best tooled to assist with these matters. I recommend creating a case with them to take a closer look into this. Here's where you can create your case:

In the meantime, I suggest reading through these resources for a possible solution:


If these aren't quite what you're looking for, you're welcome to look into these additional help options for further assistance:


— Thomas E.

answered 16 days ago
  • I reached out to accounts for escalation. To summarise I was told to follow up on the same thread.

    Here is their response, "I'm suggesting you take the path to direct access to escalate this. If you disagree with me and insist that I attempt to escalate this from a position of limited influence and zero scope, I will do it, because you are my customer right now, but that's not the best move."

    At the moment AWS Support closes the ticket every day with the same message as the original post and I re-open it asking for a reason and requesting to update SenderID and Template.

    Didn't expect this from AWS!


Hi Sabyasachi,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you've communicated in your follow up comment. This isn't the experience we aim for. I can understand your urgency for getting this matter resolved, which is why I've taken steps internally to relay the priority and feedback you've shared with us.

After locating your support case, I can confirm it's queued with the best suited team and your request is actively being reviewed. Please note, a recent update on your request was communicated on the case yesterday. For any additional questions or concerns, our internal team handling your case has the visibility to directly assist. To reach secure guidance, please continue to follow up your case correspondence:

Thank you for your patience as our internal team continues to investigate.

Kind regards,

- John M.

answered 9 days ago

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