Showing running queries in Redshift console


Until about two days ago, I used to be able to see queries that are currently executing (filtering by running is always empty). Now, no matter how much activity is occurring, queries don't show up until after they are finished.

Querying tables like stv_inflight and stv_query_metrics does allow to get the information I need, but it was nice when it was all available on the console. Is this a bug or did something possibly change on my side?

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1 Answer

This could be a browser issue. Can you try completely exiting the browser and see if that resolves, else best option is to open a support case.

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answered a year ago
  • Rebooted the computer. Not change. Unfortunately, I don't have a paid support plan. I was mostly wondering if this was just a me thing, or if others experienced it as well.

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