Cannot create clone of Aurora Serverless v1. Documentation says otherwise.


I'm tasked with upgrading an Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster from from Aurora MySQL version 1 to Aurora MySQL version 2. According to the documentation at, I can perform an in-place upgrade, described in detail at

Before I perform the in-place upgrade, I'd like to create a clone of the current Serverless v1 cluster and test the in-place upgrade on that clone. According to the documentation at I can create an Aurora Serverless v1 clone from an Aurora Serverless v1 DB cluster. Further down in that document, a guide is shown how to do this in the AWS Console. In the Console, under RDS > Databases, it is shown that you can select a Serverless cluster and that a "Create clone" menu item will show up under the Actions drop-down menu. When I click that "Actions" button, after selecting my v1 Serverless cluster in the Console, I don't get the "Create clone" action. Has this option been removed for Serverless v1?

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Thank you for asking your question.

Unfortunately, currently, Aurora Serverless v1(MySQL5.6-compatible) doesn't support database cloning feature.

  • Limitations of Aurora cloning

This limitation is also applying create clone from Aurora Serverless v1 to Aurora Serverless v1 cluster.

Please use snapshot restore to create test cluster instead.

answered 17 days ago

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