is it possible to deploy two (2) SiteWise gateway configuration on single EC2 machine?


I have a Prod and Dev AWS account, and I would like to bring in the live data within the DEV AWS account. The live data is connected to the PROD account via the following path (OPC-UA server -> Greengrass V2 SiteWise Gateway (running on an EC2) -> SiteWise Console). So the question: is it possible to create a new gateway in SiteWise ( in DEV account) and deploy it on the SAME server that's running the existing gateway for PROD?

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Hi Roshan, it is possible to do what you want by installing a new Greengrass Core instance on the same server in a different root folder. From the Sitewise console, select Create Gateway and go through the Default Setup. Once the installation script has been dowloaded, open it and edit the line with


replacing "/greengrass" with another folder.

If you are installing on Windows, just pass the new folder name as -InstallPath parameter to the script

NOTE: This will not work if you are also installing the data processing pack, as this pack will open some ports that will conflict with those opened by the existing gateway.

answered 4 months ago

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