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/AWS instance is broken/

AWS instance is broken


Hello! I use AWS to host my Wiki, but the server is broken and I can't connect to anymore to the server instance. What should I do to get access to the server instance again?

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I understand you are unable to connect to your instance anymore, please use this steps in this document [1] to help you and guide you on troubleshooting the issue.

if you are using a windows instance , I'd recommend you to follow AWS documentation below for guideline on how to troubleshoot the issue[2].

Reference links

  1. AWS Documentation -
  2. AWS Documentation-
answered 14 days ago

When I try to login via SSH through Putty, the connection is refused. The instance is no longer broken, but I can't login via SSH. I recreated the pair of keys and I'm filling everything correctly in Putty but it doesn't come in at all and I saw in the guide that there's nothing about it. Would you know why this is happening?

answered 11 days ago

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