Does NICE DCV support a desktop on Xvfb virtual memory?


Some other remote desktop apps, such as selkies-gstreamer ( perform pretty well even when the desktop is rendered into Xvfb virtual memory. With this method, these programs can even use EGL to render the desktop with the GPU. This is very useful for headless data center servers. I was wondering if NICE DCV supports this kind of function. If so, would it be possible to generate an easy-to-follow example?

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Hey there! Xvfb is supported because it's essentially how virtual sessions are rendered. DCV can provide hardware acceleration in a virtual session via dcv-gl for applications that leverage GLX, at the moment EGL is not supported by dcv-gl. Let us know if you have further questions!

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answered 21 days ago

Hello! Thank you for your answer. I have indeed been able to successfully able to run selkies-gstreamer, another remote desktop software, using GLX. However, I am working in an LXC container, which has a few quirks. I was only about to get a GPU-enabled selkies-gstreamer remote desktop working with GLX by passing the -sharevts argument to the Xorg (or X) command. I noticed that the Xdcv command lacks a -sharevts option, so I am unable to properly set up a virtual session with GLX with NICE DCV. Would it be possible to update Xdcv to allow a -sharevts argument?

answered 16 days ago

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