How Upgrade AWS IoT Device Client via IoT Core Job?


We have dozens of Raspberry Pi's that are running v1.7.15-a9048b4 of the device client and I now see that v1.8 is available. It supports a new feature that we need that enables us to run commands via IoT Jobs. Is there a way for us to update all the client versions using a job? If not, can you suggest an alternative? We've successfully written a custom job handler to update our own binaries but not sure how to tackle this since the client side jobs are run by the client itself.

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depending on how your custom job handler is implemented, perhaps you can use it to update the AWS IoT Device Client. However there is always a risk of failure when you use a software to update itself. In case something goes wrong you are locked out.

Another idea could be to use AWS Systems Manager. When you can install the Systems Manager Agent with an IoT job you can then use AWS Systems Manager to update the IoT Device Client or manage your Raspberry Pi.


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