GreengrassV2-Core's IoT-Thing-shadow never beeing synchronized with remote



I successfully deployed a custom python component on a greengrassv2-core-device. When updating the local device shadow successfully (as the log says) using aws-iot-device-sdk-python-v2, it basically never shows up in the AWS console.


  • The core device is online.

  • This is the component-code I'm updating the local shadow with:

THING_NAME = "thingname"
SHADOW_NAME = "shadowname"
last_heartbeat = ...

shadow = {
    "state": {
            "reported": {
                "last_heartbeat": last_heartbeat,

    # create the UpdateThingShadow request
    update_thing_shadow_request = UpdateThingShadowRequest()
    update_thing_shadow_request.thing_name = THING_NAME
    update_thing_shadow_request.shadow_name = SHADOW_NAME
    update_thing_shadow_request.payload = json.dumps(shadow).encode('utf-8')

    # retrieve the UpdateThingShadow response
    op = ipc_client.new_update_thing_shadow()
    fut = op.get_response()

    result = fut.result(5)
    return result.payload

except InvalidArgumentsError as e:
    print("InvalidArgumentsError: %s", e.message)
except ConflictError as e:
    print("ConflictError: %s", e.message)
except UnauthorizedError as e:
    print("UnauthorizedError: %s", e.message)
except ServiceError as e:
    print("ServiceError: %s", e.message)
  • My ShadowManager configuration:


Based on the positive greengrass-core log underneath, I ommit the component-recipe and iot-thing-policy, but these are configured with with permissions to update a shadow.

When executing the codesnippet I get these entries in <GREENGRASSV2_DIR>/log/greengrass.log (there are multiple success-entries, this is just one):

2022-08-03T21:19:26.177Z [INFO] (Thread-27) Successfully updated shadow. {service-name=componentname, thing name=thingname, shadow name=shadowname, local-version=9}

So everything seems to be fine so far, my component keeps happily updating its local shadow. For some reason the local shadow is never beeing synchronized with remote (when having a look in console there are no shadows for the IoT-Thing) although the ShadowManager is configured properly.


  • Why isn't the shadow beeing synchronized?
  • Do I have to create the Thing-shadow manually before its starting to synchronize (even though it need to be timed properly when using cloud provisioning with a IoT-Thing-group)?
  • Did I miss something which prevents the shadow from beeing synchronized?

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Your shadow manager configuration seems wrong. Can you try making a new deployment via the console with Reset Paths set to [ "" ] and the following Configuration To Merge for the ShadowManager component:

    "strategy": {
        "type": "periodic",
        "delay": 300
    "synchronize": {
        "coreThing": {
            "classic": false,
            "namedShadows": [
        "direction": "betweenDeviceAndCloud"
    "rateLimits": {
        "maxOutboundSyncUpdatesPerSecond": 100,
        "maxTotalLocalRequestsRate": 200,
        "maxLocalRequestsPerSecondPerThing": 20
    "shadowDocumentSizeLimitBytes": 8192

You should then be able to see the named shadow in the console for the thing corresponding to your core device.

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