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Add encryption to a multi-az cluster db snapshot?


I created an AWS RDS multi-AZ DB cluster and did not enable encryption support. I attempted to copy the snapshot in order to add encryption support. However, I received error message "You can't copy a cross-Region Multi-AZ DB cluster snapshot".

Is there a simple way to copy a multi-AZ DB cluster snapshot in order to add encryption during the process?

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Thank you for contacting us. From your notes, I understand that you are attempting to enable encryption on a RDS snapshot which is collected from an unencrypted MAZ RDS Instance and during the copy process you are receiving the following error:

"You can't copy a cross-Region Multi-AZ DB cluster snapshot"

Kindly note that RDS doesn't support restoring unencrypted snapshot directly to an encrypted MAZ cluster. It can only be restored from encrypted instance/cluster snapshot. Due to a limitation we will also not be able to copy an unencrypted RDA MAZ cluster snapshot to an encrypted one unlike RDS instances.

Our Team is aware about these and are working towards a fix and this limitation will also be included in the RDS MAZ cluster documentation so as to avoid any further confusion.

As of now, the only option available will be to use native DB methods (mysqldump, pgdump etc.) to copy over the data. Alternately, you can also use Database Migration Service for data transfer:

[+] What is AWS Database Migration Service? -

answered a month ago

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