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Glue Mongo connection not working


I am trying to create a connection from AWS Glue to MongoDB, but when I test the connection it fails with error: "Check that your connection definition references your Mongo database with correct URL syntax, username, and password. Exiting with error code 30". I know that my connection parameters are correct because I can connect with the same host, port, database, user name, and password from another client application (Mongo Compass). And I know that my VPC configuration should be correct too because I have another connection in the Glue, to connect to the PostgreSQL database on-premise with public IP, that works just fine. I need to use this connection in my ETL job.Can anyone help me to connect MongoDB from Glue.

asked 6 months ago20 views
1 Answers

I am using MongoDB Atlas cluster and AWS Glue and I am unable to connect from AWS Glue to MongoDB atlas

This StackOverflow discussion "" says AWS have problems on their side with SSL certificates with ETA to fix in January 2022.

Is this problem been solved?

answered a month ago

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