Will I be charged while the EC2 is in stopping status?


Recently one of my EC2 encountered a problem and becomes unavailable. I stopped it and it takes about 1 hour to complete with a stopping status. I'm wondering whether I will be charged the expense during this time period.

One more question, as this is the EC2 life cycle: Start ACTION -> Health Check 1/2 In-progress -> Health Check 2/2 OK -> Running -> Stop ACTION -> Stopping -> Stopped. What is the checkpoint regarding the expense charging? From when to when?

Thank you!

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The billing Period ends in the hour when the instance transitions into the stopping state.

  • enter stopping state at 55min you pay 1h
  • enter stopping state at 65min you pay 2h


Instance-hours are billed for any time your instances are in a "running" state. If you no longer wish to be charged for your instance, you must "stop" or "terminate" the instance to avoid being billed for additional instance-hours. Billing starts when an instance transitions into the running state.


You stop incurring charges for an instance as soon as its state changes to stopping. Each time an instance transitions from stopped to pending, we start a new instance billing hour.

You stop incurring charges for an instance as soon as its state changes to shutting-down.

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I'd like to note, since we launched per-second billing for EC2: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-per-second-billing-for-ec2-instances-and-ebs-volumes/ in the second example you are charged only for 1h 5min (instead of 2h) for instances to which per-second billing applies.

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