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Is there documentation on how to make an HTTP request using the Android AWS SDK when the API Gateway endpoint uses an IAM Authorizer? Essentially, I need to sign the request with Signature V4 using AWS Credentials. I'm using Retrofit as the HTTP client but can swith to making the request using the SDK or other client if needed. I can't find any documentation which illustrates how to sign the request. In addition to documentation, are there any code samples available?

Many Thanks, Todd

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Hi - have you tried using the generated SDK for Android for your API? You generate that by going to the API Gateway console, go to your API, go to the stage you want to generate for (probably "Prod"), then the "SDK Generation" tab. You can choose Android as the platform.

The SDK will have generated classes for you to talk to your API (including if your API is set to use AWS_IAM for authorization), and the file will have samples.

Like so:

ApiClientFactory factory = new ApiClientFactory();
// create a client
final WebApiChallengeClient client =;

Or, are you saying you are already using that generated SDK for your API, and still not working?

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answered 5 years ago

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