AWS Identity Center showing retired AD group


I recently renamed one of the AD groups which was mapped to my AWS identity center from **access_group_thractor ** to access_group_tractor.

I then went into AWS Identity Center and deleted the old group and added the new group

When I go back into the application the old group name **access_group_thractor ** keeps showing up inside AWS Identity center after deleting and adding the correct group name.

  • Two questions: 1) Why don't you manage the groups directly in the AD? 2) Did you set up AD sync?

  • @chris The groups are created and managed in AD, also AD Sync is setup

1 Answer


You should look at the ADsync attribute mapping. A Group might have different attribute (Common name, display name, etc.) and the one you changed might not be the used for the mapping and the creation in Identity Center.


answered a year ago

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