Accessing a static website hosted in windows server from load balancer endpoint


How to add load balancer in AWS to windows machine and access the static website from Windows server via load balancer end point. (stay within the free tier limit)

i have no idea on how to proceed on this matter. if it is not possible to access the static website from windows server, what are the other methods to access a static website from a load balancer end point? thank you in advance!

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First, install and set up a web server (IIS, etc.) on EC2 Windows.

Next, create an ALB.
When creating the ALB, please configure the inbound rules of the EC2 security group to allow port 80.

I think the configuration described in the documentation below is close to what you want to do.
In your case, you want to keep it on the free tier, so I think you should use only one EC2 and place it in a public subnet so as not to use NAT Gateway.
If you use an EC2 public IPv4 address, you can use the free tier for 750 hours per month for 12 months.

Also, if your website only hosts static content such as HTML, you may want to configure it using CloudFront and S3.

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answered 2 months ago

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