head_object request on S3 object after restore still shows old storage class


I'm trying to dynamically determine the storage class of an object that was restored from GLACIER to STANDARD. But when i make this request from boto3's head_object i still keep getting the old storage class of the object. I've verified the restore completion from the url (version:null)

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When you restore an object to from Glacier Flexible Retrieval (GFC) or Glacier Deep Archive (GDA) to S3 Standard, a temporary copy is stored in S3 standard and will remain there for the number of days you specified when you restored the object. The storage class will remain in Glacier, but will be made available for you to GET as you would any other S3 object. To determine if an object stored is available for GET using the S3 api, you can use the head-object api call which will tell you if the restore is on-going and when the restored object will expire out of S3 Standard. If there is no expiry time, the object must first be restored.

Restoring an archived object

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answered 2 years ago

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