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Is it possible to use artifacts in an S3 Bucket From a Different Region To CodeDeploy Application


We have a CodeDeploy application running in Asia Pacific 2 and we want to use artifacts that were built and sent to an S3 bucket in US West 2. Is it possible to do this? At the moment if I try to do it the CodeDeploy process fails at the DownloadBundle event with this error message: "The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint." I am using the correct address (copied s3 uri from the s3 bucket). I suspect that error is a generic "can't find the url" type message. If it is a permission issue, can someone point me to how to allow this to work?


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1 Answers

Try using the S3 region-specific endpoint as per

Example: https://<your_bucket>

Or try this:<your_bucket>

If it still not working, check this FAQ for multi-region deployment:

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answered 6 months ago
  • Hi. Thanks for that. Unfortunately when creating a deployment in CodeDeploy it only accepts urls in the format of s3://. I tried changing the out of the box s3:// url to include the region but it didn't work. Regarding the FAQs that you linked me to, I have a couple of questions: It says "copy the application bundle to an Amazon S3 bucket in each region". How do you copy the S3 bucket? It then goes on to say "then start the deployments using either a serial or parallel rollout across the regions". Where do you do this?


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