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Deploy 3 MEAN stack dockerized website to AWS EC2


I have 3 MEAN Stack applications and I assume that our approx monthly traffic would be 30k. According to you, what specification of AWS EC2 instance will be good for this? And also if possible tell me the instance name. Till now my applications are dockerized and hosted in t2.micro (free tier).

We develop this software from India but our user base is from California. I Choose N. Virginia region on AWS. But I felt the system is very slow when I tried to interact with the system. Can you tell me if the cause of lag is for the region or for the instances we choose(t2.micro)

Today I update my EC2 and move all websites to a t3 large instance. Now the website is running smoothly. But I feel the cost of the t3 large is very high.

Please suggest me the best instance for my applications.

1 Answer

It is not easy to provide a recommendation on the sizing without knowing a lot of details about your application. You can look at some guidelines for right sizing here -

You can also look at using the AWS Computer Optimizer which uses Machine Learning to provide your recommendations for optimization based on observed usage patterns -

Another way you can reduce costs is to sign up for Reserved Instances or EC2 Savings Plans that give you discounts over on-demand pricing based on committed usage

One other suggestion is if your customers are in California deploy in the Oregon us-west-2 region rather than us-east-1 Virginia region.

If t3.large is working very well for you, you can test your workload with t3.medium or t3.small to see if they meet your performance requirements.

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answered 17 days ago

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