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/How is S3 data deleted?/

How is S3 data deleted?


I need to provide an answer to the question, "describe how data is destroyed when no longer needed" for compliance purposes relative to S3 data upon intentional, permanent deletion.

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1 Answers

I would suggest looking at > AWS Artifact < for your AWS account - there are many reports there that you may be able to use for compliance purposes.

answered a month ago
  • Thank you, Dan! Although I appreciate the reference, I find Artifact reports mostly useless and, if there is an answer to my specific question there, I am unable to find it.

  • Dan - I did find a very vague answer under FedRAMP report package. So thank you for that! I'd wish for something more than (paraphrasing), "we delete it and it is no longer accessible," but maybe that's as good as we're gonna get!

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