Amazon Polly voices: No longer supported on Windows for new users?


Hi there!

A few months ago I was able to download amazon-polly-tts-for-windows and use the Polly voices and several programs on Windows. The latter is still possible. Unfortunately, new users aren´t able to download the voices, because the program was removed from the documentation and GitHub.

Is this no longer supported? Is there another way for new users to use those voices on windows?

Thank you!

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I use Polly very frequently in the following way: I go to the AWS Console for Polly. I copy / paste my text into the text box and use Polly's feature to place the generated mp3 in a S3 bucket of my account.

When generated, I download the mp3 and use it on my laptop.



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  • Thanks for your answer!

    Actually I need the voices installed on Windows in order to use them in applications on Windows. Unfortunately the installer is no longer available and that’s why I meant to ask, whether Amazon stopped this function on purpose and whether you can still get those Polly voices on Windows. The documentation about the SAPI function is not available too anymore.

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