Which is cheaper,using ec2 alone or ec2 connected to a database


Hi Is using ec2 alone cheap or using ec2 with a database is cheap?? Any idea??


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A couple of points,

  • if you use ec2 to store your db, you will have to perform database management tasks on your side (also including patching, monitoring, etc.). You have to include this cost in your equation
  • EC2 alone may get cheaper if you have a very constant workload loading your machine above 70% all the time
  • If you have varying workloads, I would suggest to consider Aurora serverless. Read "Variable workloads" and "Unpredictable workloads" of https://aws.amazon.com/rds/aurora/serverless/ to understand why.

All in all, for very variable workloads, I 'd suggest to go full serverless (Lambda on Compute + Aurora Serverless on db) to obtain the cost efficiency that you are after.



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answered 8 months ago


Although it depends on the instance size etc., it is cheaper to run EC2 on one machine.
However, for systems that require high availability, it will be easier to operate if you use RDS instead of installing the database on EC2.
The following document describes MS SQL Server, but I think it will be helpful as there are parts that apply to other relational databases as well.

The following documents describe the features of RDS.

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answered 8 months ago
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